Unknown Motivators

“Though uninstructed in psychiatry,
we can, after a little time in A.A.,
see that our motives have not been
what we thought they were,
and that we have been motivated
by forces previously unknown to us.”

As Bill Sees It p 267

The Devil made me do it.*
The blame game was on.
The good drunk had a reason, an excuse,
for every action or reaction he ever made,
and every drink that he ever consumed.
Good excuse, bad excuse, no excuse,
there was never a reason
to use and abuse alcohol.
The contented recovering soul knows
that the true reason they drank was
because they are an alcoholic and they are
honestly willing to admit to that fact.
Recovery is to find our true motivations.
Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.
ME and the Boss
* Flip Wilson September 1970


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