IM001221Random thoughts and messages from a Higher Power


He who stays in the valley

will never see over the hill.

Many of life’s journeys have milestones

that are marked by hill tops.

Be smart and do not to judge your life by one hilltop

that you have reached.

Winning the championship game?

The birth of a child or grandchild?

The pinnacle of success?

The age of forty?


Be wise to know that this hill top is just a better

vantage point to see where you might want to go next.

Celebrate the milestone.

Have gratitude that you have reached that milestone.

Use the knowledge and strength you have gained from

climbing the small hills to reach for the summit of the

tallest mountain on the horizon.

Many say that when you go over the hill you begin to pick

up speed going down the other side.

Use that speed as momentum to start up the next hill.

As long as you are moving forward with your head held high,

and your eyes are fixed on the next milestone

you will be able to cross the lowest valley in your life

in peace and comfort.

Up hill or down hill, never travel alone.

When life puts a fork in the road have a someone

help you read the map.

If they have traversed this swamp before your hope is they

know the shortest route to higher ground.

Higher ground may be just as good as a hill if you are

up to your tush in alligators.

If you had ask your friend for advice at the last fork in the road,

maybe you would not have found yourself in the swamp.

Where you think you are going

and where your Higher Power wants or lets you go

may be two separate directions.

Pray for guidance.

The stories of the wisest masters tells us that if you want

to find your way out of the desert, follow God.

Whether you are in the valley of despair or on the highest

mountain, today’s journey will begin with the first step.

Life will not allow you to live in the past for long.

What you have earned from yesterdays travels will

pay the road tolls for today’s journey.

If you do not learn and earn from today’s journey,

tomorrow’s forecast may be down hill and out of control.

Celebrate, lift your head, focus on the next hill top

move a muscle, change a thought, and live your life

to it’s fullest.

Life is a roller coaster ride.

Sit in the first car.

Fill the car with friends and family.

Throw your arms up in the air,

and scream as loud as you can

from the top of every hill.

Enjoy the ride.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss



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