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Only A Fool



“Any man can

make a mistake;

only a fool

keeps making

the same one.”


~ Latin Proverbs



The more prepared we are

the less likely we are to make mistakes.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

Today, skill or luck, being prepared means

that you are making the choice to do the next right thing,

to follow the will of your loving Higher Power.

Today, think before you act, own up to your mistakes,

and be prepared to change.

Recovery is not to be the  fool.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss










Poetry – Day Five


For the entire month

of April, 2013,

this will be my daily

home as I attempt

to write


as challenged

by a few of my blogger friends.

The daily motivational, spiritual post will be continued at :



Day 5

“The true poem rests between the words.” — Vanna Bonta


words may have meanings

sometimes many too many

to know what i meant



written, spoken

what we think

or what we believe



I listen,

I read,

I think,

I write,

To find a meaning,

To understand the reason,

To put a rhyme to life.



ME and the Boss


via Poem A Day For April, Part Deux | The Ranting Papizilla.



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