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The Great Weaver



“In Silence

there is eloquence.

Stop weaving and see

how the pattern improves.”


~ Rumi



We become so busy living our lives

that often the pattern becomes obscured,

disappears in the lint and dust of the too busy loom.

Today, seek the silence,meditate,

step back and observe the pattern of your life,

have gratitude for the good

and be ready to change if you must.

Today, understand that with the guidance of your Higher Power,

the Great Weaver, you can create a pattern

that is happy, joyous and free.

Recovery is to see the pattern of your life improve.

Sobriety is a blessing form a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss








Poetry – Day Two


For the entire month

of April, 2013,

this will be my daily

home as I attempt

to write


as challenged by a few

of my blogger friends.

The daily motivational, spiritual post will be continued at :


Day Two

“Your gaze has enchanted my heart
with a poem no one could ever write.”


Enchanted by you

words cannot express my love

for you own my soul…




My heart

Enchanted by you

Words fail to explain




I thee wed.

By law or by mutual consent.

To have and to hold.

But the years have shortened my tongue,

diminished my thinking,

tarnished my soul,

and I have taken you for granted.

Today, no fooling,

thank you for being there.

What I meant to say is:

I love you.


Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss



via Poem A Day For April, Part Deux | The Ranting Papizilla.




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