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No Excuses


“If you really want

to do something,

you’ll find a way.

If you don’t,

you’ll find an excuse.”


~ Jim Rohn


Don’t lie, but be tactful.

Excuses are lies dressed up in fancy words.

Today, if you have a reason or even if you do not

have a reason to do or not do something,

be honest, do not make lame excuses.

Today, negotiate, accommodate, moderate,

compromise, just be kind and find an honest

mutual path to happy, joyous and free.

Recovery is never having to make an excuse.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss







“Serenity Prayer”

lanai (4)


“We treasure

our “Serenity Prayer”

because it brings

a new light to us

that can dissipate

our oldtime fatal habit

of fooling ourselves.”


Grapevine March,  1962
As Bill Sees It,  p. 20


The disease is cunning, baffling and powerful,

it makes the affected lie, cheat and steal,

to live a life that is far from reality.

The Serenity Prayer tells us

that we cannot change other people

or that we cannot change God’s world.

What the prayer tells us is

that the only thing we may change

is ourselves and our attitudes.

We must pray that a Higher Power

gives us the strength and courage,

the wisdom,  to change what we can.

Today, make sure that you are not fooling yourself,

talk with another recovering alcoholic and be honest

when they ask you how you are doing.

Recovery is one day at a time.

Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss


And, if no one has told you yet today,

God loves you and so do we.






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