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Act Your Age


“Those adolescent urges

that so many of us have

for complete approval,

utter security, and

perfect romance –

urges quite appropriate

to the age seventeen –

prove to be an impossible

way of life at forty-seven or fifty-seven.”


As Bill Sees It p 330


At 49 I woke up and the kind folks from A.A.

were only too glad to show me that I was emotionally

only seventeen, still chasing skirts and keg parties.

Divorced twice and with a score of bad relationships

strewn out along the way, my alcoholic, self centered, selfish,

egomaniac who suffered with an inferiority complex

had no idea how to love, how to develop a healthy relationship.

The current relationship is going on twenty six years,

thanks to a Higher Power and the program of A.A.

Recovery is to start growing emotionally and spiritually.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss









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