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We Can Really Choose

“As active alcoholics,
we lost our ability to choose
whether we would drink.
We were the victims
of a compulsion
which seemed to decree
that we must go on with
our own destruction.”


The ego said “you have the power,”
and the disease laughed.
My will power became I won’t power,
which eventually was reduced to no power.
Subsequently, a Power greater than myself
was the only power that could restore me
to sane thinking.
I have yet to have an alcoholic who has elapsed
tell me that they said a prayer
before they picked up that first drink.
Today. a constant contact with my Higher Power
assures me that I will have choices.
Recovery is regaining our ability to choose.
Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.
ME and the Boss

I Didn’t Do It

“As an insurance against
the dangers of big-shot-ism,
we can often check ourselves
by remembering that we are
today sober only by the

grace of God
and that any success
we may be having

is far more His success
than ours.”
As Bill Sees It p 19

God has done and is doing for me
what I could not do for myself.
He got me sober.
He keeps me sober.
When I do the will of the God of my understanding,
being kind, being loving, being patient and tolerant,
being forgiving, my days are happy joyous and free.
As a drunk, misery.
In sobriety, God has given me spectacular days
that were and are beyond my wildest dreams.
Today, count your blessings and thank God.
Recovery is giving credit where credit is due.
Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.
ME and the Boss

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