Talk With Another

“We have come to believe

He would like us to keep

our heads in the clouds with Him,

but that our feet ought

to be firmly planted on earth.

That is where

our fellow travelers are,

and that is where

our work must be done.”


BB p 130


With so much gratitude to/for a Higher Power
who has removed the compulsion and obsession to drink
it would be so easy to concentrate on becoming
a better member of society, however, the book
suggests that to keep that pink cloud feeling
one must work with another alcoholic.

Today, enjoy the serenity and peace of mind
however, to keep the feelings follow the suggestions;
don’t drink, work a step, pray, meditate
and talk with another drunk.

The easiest place to find another alcoholic
to talk to is at a meeting.

Recovery is to talk with another
Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss



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