Ask God

“If we have to determine which

of two courses to take, we ask

God for inspiration, an intuitive

thought or decision.”


As Bill Sees It P 243

The only bad spot to be in is when your choices
are between the lesser of two evils.
Today, hopefully your choices will allow you
to use the best of two good worlds.
With any choice, a short prayer,
some soul searching meditation
and the advice from a few trusted friends
will help in the decision making.
A good lesson for inspiration and intuition
is to keep your mouth shut,
learn to listen and listen to learn.
Remember how it hurts
when your sponsor says”I told you so,” that is
God delivering the message through someone
who has been there and done that.
Recovery is a God inspired decision.
Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.
ME and the Boss


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