Not A Soul

“After six long months,

I had to admit

that not a soul

had surely laid hold

of the Master –

not excepting myself.”


As Bill Sees It p 114

Only God can help an alcoholic achieve sobriety.
The best a recovering alcoholic can do for another
is to be God’s mouthpiece and show by example
how wonderful a life without alcohol can be.
Eventually the paradox becomes clear;
that in order to keep your sobriety,
you must try to give yours away.
Show them the light and lead them if you can,
knowing that the outcome will be between them
and the God of their understanding.
Today, practice these principles in all of your affairs,
knowing that you may be the only Big Book
someone may see.
Recovery is helping yourself by helping others.
Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.
ME and the Boss


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