Alone No More




“Never again,

my pains and problems


would I experience my

former desolation.

I saw the universe to be

lighted by God’s love;

I was alone no more.”



As Bill Sees It p 51


The disease of alcoholism wants the sufferer to isolate,

be alone, push away anyone who loves them and to kill themselves.

The disease is cunning, baffling and powerful and it is the only disease

that tells the afflicted that they do not have a disease.

Recovery is to recognize the disease and to have the faith

that a loving Higher Power can give them a daily reprieve

from the clutches of the disease.

Pray, join the fellowship of AA, follow a few sinmple suggestions

and never be alone again.

Recovery is to never be alone.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss






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