The Bulldozing Power Drive



“We now know that we do not
have to run away, nor ought we
again try to overcome adversity
by still another bulldozing
power drive that can only push
up obstacles before us faster
than they can be taken down.”


As Bill Sees It p 20



Life will happen, however,

if we trust those who have found

a sober way of living, we will learn from them

that there is nothing so bad in this world

that having a drink of alcohol

will only make things worse.

Trust the fellowship, take your life’s obstacles

to a meeting and know that a shared problem

is a problem cut in half, whereas a stuffed problem

will only grow into a larger disaster.

Today, face the problem with a friend.

Recovery is learning to live life on God’s terms.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss





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