Without Rebellion


“But when,
now and then,
we could gladly
make right choices
without rebellion,
hold-out, or conflict,
then we had our
first view of what
perfect freedom
under God’s will
could be like.”
As Bill Sees It      p124


As Bill explains it, we entered into A.A. with no choices,

alcohol ruled our lives, made our choices.

Then we were offered the Steps that were suggested

and the “Must” make choices were the beginning to a new freedom.

Then, when we surrendered a little more, we began to think

about the consequences of our choices.

The “Ought to” make a better choice put us directly

on the pathway to a new freedom and a new happiness.

Then we gladly began to chose to do the next right thing

and we knew the perfect freedom of doing God’s will.

Recovery is to make the right choices without rebellion.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss









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