A.A.’s Symbol


Above us,

at the International Convention

at St. Louis in 1955, floated a

banner on which was inscribed

the new symbol for A.A.,

a circle enclosing a triangle.

The circle stands for

the whole world of A.A.,

and the triangle stands for

A.A.’s Three Legacies:

Recovery, Unity, and Service.”


As Bill Sees It p 307



History tends to repeat itself and the history

of A.A., one drunk helping another, is a history

that we are happy to repeat.

Today, work your program, go to a meeting

and involve yourself in the workings of A.A.

by passing along that which was so freely

given to you.

Recovery is to know the history.    “Why It Works”

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss









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