The Brave Can Forgive



“If you want

to see the brave,

look at those

who can forgive”.


~   Bhagavad-Gita



Forgive once, but do not forget.

Be brave, but do not be the martyr.

When it hurts, do no try to change them,

change yourself.

Today, choose better friends, go to nicer places

and elect to do only the next right thing.

If it is family that needs forgiving,

seek the compromise.

Recovery is to be brave and learn to forgive.

Sobriety is a blessing from a Higher Power.


ME and the Boss








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Retired in Florida, God's waiting room. Jack of all trades master of none...when I stop learning you can feed me to the fishes. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by michael_e

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