All By Ourselves

October Roses 054



“How persistently

we claim the right

to decide all by ourselves

just what we shall think

and just how we shall act.”


Twelve and Twelve,  p. 37


The fear of being found out by others

that I knew very little

was motivation for my selfish and self-centered

super ego to go through life making mistake after mistake.

The first word of the First Step is WE

and when I discovered that collectively

we could help each other avoid mistakes,

we could show each other how to live a life

that was happy, joyous and free,

I put my fears aside, began to ask for help

and started making fewer mistakes.

Today, don’t make a mistake, ask for help.

Recovery is one day at a time.

Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss


And, if no one has told you yet today,

God loves you and so do we.







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Retired in Florida, God's waiting room. Jack of all trades master of none...when I stop learning you can feed me to the fishes. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by michael_e

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