Self-will Run Riot

vinoy park 049


“So our troubles,

we think, are basically

of our own making.

They arise out of ourselves,

and the alcoholic is

an extreme example of

self-will run riot,

though he usually doesn’t think so.”


BB p 62


Thy will, not mine, be done.

A very difficult lesson for the fearful,

self-centered and egotistical drunk

who believes that he has everything under control.

I want what I want and I want it now,

regardless of who gets hurt, as long as it isn’t me.

And then we wonder why we can’t have

a healthy relationship, a happy family,

a happy employer, a happy Sheriff

or a happy self.

Today, be happy, don’t drink, think of others

and always try to do the next right thing.

Recovery is one day at a time.

Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss


And, if no one has told you yet today,

God loves you and so do we.







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