Depth and Weight

flowers lowes 065


“Frothy emotional appeal

seldom suffices.

The message which can

interest and hold these

alcoholic people must

have depth and weight.”


BB p xxvii


You can tell a drunk but you can’t tell him much.

The illness, the disease, the denial,

the self-centeredness of the know-it-all drunk makes

it almost impossible to emotionally involve an alcoholic.

To ask him to respond to a reasonable suggestion

is like talking to a wall.

Give him an example, your adventures, other drunks woes,

and be sure to emphasize the jails, institutions, deaths

and the yets, if they apply.

It is a life and death situation when talking to new fellow

and an honest and serious note always fares better.

Always remember, when trying to help him

you are helping yourself.

Recovery is one day at a time.

Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss


And, if no one has told you yet today,

God loves you and so do we.







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Retired in Florida, God's waiting room. Jack of all trades master of none...when I stop learning you can feed me to the fishes. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by michael_e

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