“As we became

subjects of King Alcohol,

shivering denizens of

his mad realm,

the chilling vapor

that is loneliness

settled down. It thickened,

ever becoming blacker.”


BB p 151


The disease of alcoholism wants its sufferers to

isolate, be alone, push away anyone who loves them

and to kill themselves.

The loneliness and despair that accompanies

the depressant alcohol only adds insult to the injuries.

Alcohol is an addictive mood altering depressant

that wants the user to delude themselves into believing

that they are having fun, that they are more sociable,

that everything is just the way it is supposed to be,

as long as it is the way the selfish alcoholic wants it to be.

Today, avoid the blackness, seek help if you must.

Recovery is one day at a time.

Sobriety is a blessing from our Higher Power.


ME and the Boss


And, if no one has told you yet today,

God loves you and so do we.







About michael_e

Retired in Florida, God's waiting room. Jack of all trades master of none...when I stop learning you can feed me to the fishes. Becoming a curmudgeon and learning to love it. View all posts by michael_e

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