Stop Smoking Tobacco




Smoking Cessation

– 3 Minute Lecture





Three minutes, three tobacco cigarettes:

1) Cigarette number one is a habit. The majority of all cigarettes

smoked are a response to an oral – tactile impulse. The phone rings,

after a meal, you get in the car, you get out of the car, pop a

beer, before sex, after sex, turn on the TV, turn off the TV

and a thousand other reasons that do not fit into the next

two categories.

2) Cigarette number two is nicotine. There is enough nicotine

in one cigarette to last a person two to three days, however,

the body quickly expels nicotine from the body necessitating that

the smoker uses two to three cigarettes a day to maintain the

nicotine at a level where withdrawal is prevented.

Withdrawal from nicotine usually last from three to four days.

Withdrawal is marked by tickling sensations in the lips, nose,

finger tips and other body extremities.

Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and when detoxifying the

blood begins to return to the small vessels near the skin causing

the tingling sensations. A sip of cold water will usually make the

tingling of the lips cease. Detoxifying is usually the easiest of

the three cigarettes to give up even though the nicotine is one of

the most addictive substances know to man.

3) Cigarette number three is emotional. Nicotine is a stimulant,

however, to the addicted the nicotine and the oral – tactile habit

tend to act as a suppressant, a sedative for edgy nerves,

a calming influence. This is the hardest of the cigarettes

to give up.


Anyone can break a bad habit, just replace the old activity with a

new routine that gets one closer to the goal. Since the smoking

of tobacco habit is mostly oral – tactile; chew gum, suck on a

lollipop, play with a toothpick, keep a pen or pencil in your hand,

etc. . . but not food, even though it will begin to taste better.

Tell everyone that you are quitting and when you start throwing

tantrums and or things they will know when to duck.

Get a support group, friends and co-workers that can give you

moral support.

Set a date, not tomorrow, but a significant date two or three

months down the road and begin your journey immediately by

identifying the bad habits and starting to cut back on the number

of cigarettes smoked daily.

When you’re down to two or three a day, its nicotine only and time

to take the last step.

Wash your clothes, deodorize everything, get rid of the ash trays,

hang tough for four days and you will be over the hump.

When all else fails, look at the ugly infomercials on TV that show

the results of those who smoked and know that you could be their

next poster child.



Yes, I used this regime to quit a thirty year two pack a day

habit over 15 years ago. It works if you work it.


Love, Hugs and Prayers…


ME and the Boss







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