Memory Vault



When it

comes to

your mind

it is not a

bank vault

but a

blank vault.

When you

think that

you have put your mind into a safe deposit box

for safe keeping,

what you have really done is to stop living.

HOW life works is to be Honest, Open minded and Willing.

Coins, paper, and valuables.

Mind, body and soul.

Be honest, be kind and spend a penny, nickel or dime.

A please or a thank you is worth the penny.

A nickel is yours if you hold the door, help a friend.

Dimes are gladly earned when you know how to listen.

Be loving, spend a dollar, five or ten.

Love yourself, God said you are worth every dollar.

Love your fellows unconditionally, it is worth the investment,

even if you may not approve of their actions.

Love another, money cannot buy you love.

Open mindedness will allow you to collect your debts,

pay your bills and leave enough to put in the memory vault

to cover the rainy days that come with life.

Be Willing to see the value in accepting others.

Patience and tolerance are the gold and silver in your life.

Charity has value that is beyond the worth of diamonds and pearls.

“Thanks be to God. Since my leaving the drinking of wine,
I do find myself much better, and do mind my business better,
and do spend less money, and less time lost in idle company.”

~ Samuel Pepys

Close your mind for a banking holiday and you will miss

the chance to experience the world.

Today, do not keep bankers hours or keep your

memory vault closed for those that love you.

“I believe in an open mind,
but not so open that your brains fall out.”
Arthur Hays Sulzberger

Today, open your memory bank early, trade freely with friends,

and learn to thank your Higher Power for all of your blessings,

before you close the vault for the night.

The reward for your investing in doing the will of your

Higher Power will be many pleasant dreams.

Today, bank well and earn the credit of faith, the belief that

life is beyond value if you are doing the will of God.

Today, may your credit line be so strong that the devil

will be afraid to come into your memory vault.

Today, may your memory bank be filled with

laughter, love and happiness,

to the point where you cannot get the door closed.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss







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