Quality And Quantity




the will

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Quality and Quantity are both very important.

The quantity of your kindness must be matched

by the quality of your honesty.

The quantity of your love must be matched

by the quality of your sincerity.

The quantity of your acceptance of God’s world

must be matched by quality of your faith.

It is not always true that more cannot be better.

More positive, more optimistic, more kindness,

more love, more concern, more caring, more giving,

are some of the mores that are good.

Be generous in the quantity but do not sacrifice the quality.

The endurance of one quality good deed done well is

much longer lasting than any quantity of missed intentions.

God will reward you for you efforts,

be gracious and except the rewards with a grateful heart.

“Men acquire a particular quality
by constantly acting a particular way.
We become just by performing just actions,
temperate by performing temperate actions,
brave by performing brave actions.”               ~ Aristotle

Practices improves the quality while increasing the quantity.

Act as though you care and eventually you will care.

Act as though you believe and eventually you will have faith.

Acting is not a prerequisite for love.

It’s an odd thing about quality..

It cannot be produced except by those deeply

interested in what they are doing.

Today, practice more, show an interest in your world,

increase the quantity of your goodness.

Today, practice more, show an interest in God’s world,

increase the quality of your Godliness.

Today, the quality of your efforts will be your choice,

the quantity of your efforts will be derived from

God given chances.

Today, make the best of your chances.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


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