A Day is A Day


If you


in one



24 hours,

1,440 minutes,

86,400 seconds,

the Earth will rotate on it’s axis 360 degrees,

and you will have completed what we call a day.

Time is time, no more and no less.

You or others, time will be the same for all.

What you do with the time is your choice.

Sleeping and eating are required by most people.

Working to earn food, grow food, gather food,

kill for food, or however you get what you eat,

is time that is necessarily spent.

Sleeping varies with every individual.

Man is a social animal so time must be spent with others.

You may choose your friends, but your family is yours.

Hopefully your family has taught you the appropriate

social skills.

School, church, tribal meetings, extended family or

whatever your cultural or ethnic traditions dictate,

are all social learning experiences.

If Dad took you to the bar a few days a week to hang

out with him and the guys and gals, your social

education is probably very lacking.

Fortunately, social skills may be learned or relearned

at any age.

Move to a different country on a different continent and

you will learn to adapt to your new social surroundings

if you chose to eat and sleep.

Now, back to the time that is left over in your day.

“Life is not lost by dying;
life is lost minute by minute,
day by dragging day,
in all the thousand small
uncaring ways.”                  ~ Stephen Vincent Benet

Yesterday is gone, history, time spent, and can now be

used only as a reference for what you want to do today.

Tomorrow never comes.

Today is the day that must be the focus of your intentions.

Develop some personal habits and exercise some regular

social interaction in your daily schedule so that you may

live a fulfilled life.

A fulfilled life is one that completes the will of a Higher Power.

Today, put your attitude in a positive gear and enjoy life.

Practice your daily mantra of goodness; be kind, be loving,

be patient and tolerant, be forgiving and try to be the person

God wants you to be.

Be kind to yourself, sleep, eat, and be healthy

because if you are not physically and mentally and spiritually

up to par, you may have just wasted another day.

Be kind to others.

Negative feelings are unproductive and waste valuable time.

Resentments, anger, worry, fear, envy, nagging and complaining,

hate, regrets and other negative thoughts

are exercises in time wasting.

Trying to drown or stuff your feelings with alcohol or drugs

is a day wasted and memories lost.

Time is the most valuable commodity anyone can have,

learn to spend it wisely.

Be happy, joyous and free, enjoy life, time is short

and it is always fleeting.

In your day there is no time for could have, should have,

would have done this or that, only the time which you spent

doing what you did.

You may start your day over anytime you wish,

but remember “Father Time” will eventually make the

ultimate decision when the day is over.

Do not pass on the opportunity to do the pleasant little things

in life, you may one day look back and realize that they were

the big things in your life.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss








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