Small, Medium, Large


Let us

think about

how we




Is everything relative??
We say in a little while.
We say soon.
We say eventually.

Over there.
Down the way a little bit.
Not too far from here.

A few.
More than enough.

and the best.

A few hundred more qualifiers and the thousands of adjectives

we could list would, of course, fill a dictionary.

The way we use or abuse these words can be the difference

between conveying a meaningful message to someone

or totally misleading that person.

It matters not if we are trying to sell an idea or a tangible product.

It also doesn’t matter if we are speaking or writing.

To who or whom we are communicating with also should not matter.

Family, friend or a person on another computer halfway around the

world, all should receive our best effort.

One can be passionate without resorting to hype.

Speak to others as you would have them speak to you.

Believe in the Laws of the Universe:

The Law of Attraction, what you believe is what will come to you.
Think negative and bad things will happen.
Think positive and blessings will be bestowed upon you.

The Secret of Paying it Forward, it is better to give than to receive.
The most glorious of God’s paradoxes,
the more you give, the more will be returned.

Today, be specific; small, medium or large,

choose to say and do the next right thing.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss







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