Doomed to Repeat



Unless there is

a spiritual change

you will be doomed

to repeat the past.

Change does not mean just having enough will power

to alter a habit.

Change does not mean to choose to change careers.

Change does not mean simply to become involved in

a new relationship.

Change does not mean that you must move from here to there.

Change does not mean plastic surgery, a tattoo,

or a new wardrobe.

Most bad behaviors and unwanted addictions are a

combination of physical dependency, mental habits

and spiritual demoralization.

Detoxification, putting the plug in the jug, will improve

the physical health, but does little to improve the attitude

or the character of the affected.

Hypnosis, geographical moves, career changes, divorce or

whatever one believes, cannot guarantee that the habit will

be broken if only the external cause is removed.

The internal cause of the bad habit or the addiction is

the spiritual change that must be affected if you expect

to remove the impending doom of repetition.

If you have a resentment towards others because they do not

give you the respect you think you deserve, talk ugly about

them, point out their character defects, but do not even

think about looking at yourself to see the things that you

may need to change, you will repeat the past.

Do you feel doomed to repeat heartbreak, doomed to repeat

loneliness, or doomed to repeat the behaviors that lead to

jails, institutions and death.

Today, know that God will give you chances to change,

you must make the choices

Spiritual change is so simple.

There is a God, and it is not you.

Be honest about your motives. Be willing to change.

Say please in the morning. Say thank you at night.

Between morning and night, do the will of your Higher Power.

Have faith, your Higher Power will put people into your life

to show you the pathway to change.

There are millions of people who have made incredible changes

in turning their lives around because they now believe in a

Power greater than themselves.

By asking their Higher Power to remove the physical addiction

they have been physically changed.

By asking their Higher Power to remove the mental obsession

they have been spiritually changed.

By changing, they are no longer doomed to repeat the ills

of the past.

Learn to change by using the will of your Higher Power as

your guide to a spiritual path that is happy, joyous and free.

Be kind, laugh, love, sing loudly and dance like nobody is


Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss







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