or Physical,

the object

of meditation

is to learn

how every fiber

of your person is connected within yourself and with your universe.

You can lock out the world, Concentrate,

and learn to focus the mind on a single thing;

your breathing, your mantra or just your belly button.

You can invite the whole world in, Mindfulness,

and learn to accept whatever arises in your senses.

You can sit quietly, Visualization,

and bring images to mind; shapes, colors,

or mandalas, to soothe your spirit.

You can move pensively, Movement,

the wellness of the body is learned in such

disciplines as Tai Chi, in some martial art forms

or just by walking.

You can cultivate a positive mood or beneficial outlook,

Loving Kindness, through the contemplation

of such feelings as compassion for all people.

Love yourself, God made you perfect to do his will.

Love others; God gave you everyone in your life so

that, good or bad, you may learn how to do the will

of your Higher Power.

Have a problem, Transformative; seek solace

or the solution to specific problems by

turning negative emotions into positive energies.

These are but a few of the forms of meditation taught

by different gurus over the centuries.

Try the meditations that appeal to you, use as many as you like,

but know that you need to learn from someone, Guided Meditation.

The secret to most meditations is the discipline;

you must do them on a scheduled basis so that you are

in practice when an emergency arises.

Hold on to what you like, seek you own, but know that before

you can work on yourself you must first learn who you are.

Remember, that you change daily, and who you were yesterday

may not be the same person that you are today.

Friends and family are usually only too glad to give

you advice and directions.

Need more help?

The teacher, the preacher, the rabbi, the guru, the Indian chief,

the baker, any human with ears that speaks the same language

of the heart will do fine in a pinch.

The dog and the cat do not qualify.

When you have learned an honest meditation, you will know

if the changes in you are for the better or for the worse.

Good meditation is done on a daily basis to improve your

conscious contact with your Higher Power, and your soul.

Need a mantra, borrow someone’s until you have your own

or you may borrow mine;

“Be Kind, Be Loving, Be patient and Tolerant, Be forgiving

and Be the person God wants me to be.”

Repeat the above five times and when you leave the house,

do so with a positive attitude in your heart and a smile

on your face.

Write your mantra, the one you borrowed or the one you designed

specifically for you, on a piece of paper and keep it handy

until you know it well in your heart.

Do as often as necessary during the day or whenever you feel

your attitude slipping.

“The important thing is this to be able, at any moment,
to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Guru to the Beatles

Happiness is knowing how to Meditate

to become the best you can be.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


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