“Shared joy

is double joy,

and shared sorrow

is half-sorrow. ”

~ Swedish proverb

The joy of sharing is what makes life worth living.

To have enough to share is a joy in itself.

Sharing does not mean you have to give things,

although food, clothing and shelter are great donations,

the most important thing is that you share your love.

“Without a rich heart,
wealth is an ugly beggar.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Giving of your time to listen to someone’s sorrow

may be all that you will ever need to share.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

To measure wealth, do not look at a persons wallet

or pocketbook, look at their heart.

“The real measure of your wealth is how much
you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”
~ Anonymous

Because you are a joy to be with, and because you are

kind enough to listen to the woes of others, you will have friends.

In your time of sorrow, those friends will be there to listen to you.

Do not be needy and manufacture worries that are

used to elicit sympathy on a daily basis.

Perceived worries are not true sorrows.

We cannot survive on sympathy.

We live a better life when we share the joy of loving

and being loved.

Joy is not reserved exclusively for the lottery winner

or the extreme makeover, home edition recipient,

joy is a simple thing.

Joy is a smile.

Joy is a thank you.

Joy is just being there.

True joy is having someone to be there with you.

If you do not have a friend it is because you do not want one.

You must first be a friend to have one.

The joy of a really good friendship is not having to keep score.

Who listens the most, who gives the most,

who sacrifices the most, are not things true friends even consider.

True friends are the ones who laugh with you,

cry with you and most of all, just enjoy being with you.

It is not a clique, it is a group of friends who share common

interest, and you do not have to join unless your interests

are common.

Beware, there are negative cliques and cliques that know

everything, and cliques that are always right.

Friends are not negative, they want to learn with you and

they are willing to make a mistake trying to do joyous things.

Cliques tend to be exclusive, friends are inclusive,

be a joy and share the love.

Do the will of your Higher Power and approach life

with a positive attitude.

When things happen and you are emotionally moved to

have feelings, find the appropriate feelings and deal with life.

Negative feelings of rage, anger and spite are never appropriate.

If you do not know how to feel or what to feel,

call a friend or three.

If the event brings you sorrow, share the sorrow with a friend,

learn to grieve, accept, and get on with your life.

Do not miss a present joyous event because you are stuck in a past

sorrow that you cannot change.

Today, accept sorrow, share sorrow, but look for joy.

Today, make your gratitude list and start the day with

a thought of joy, love and laughter.

Laugh often,

Sing loud, And Dance when you get the chance!

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


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