Reaching Out



A clew is a

ball of yarn

and our lives

often become

a tangled mess

of yarn and we

have no clue.

Trying to untangle the mess alone can bring only

more despair and misery.

No one is born knowing how to knit or how to live.

How did we get into this tangled mess??

Did we become selfish, egotistical, and self centered and

lost our focus and dropped our ball of yarn?

Did we give our ball of yarn to someone else and

allowed them to use it for batting practice?

Did we try to do too much for others and we

forgot to mind our own knitting?

“We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking
we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Before we can unravel our dilemma (CHANGE) we must

first reach out for help.

Others can show us a new way of thinking.

Others can help us see how we created the mess.

Others can provide choices and guidance for making things right.

Even Rosy Grier said it was O.K. for men to knit and pray.

It is very difficult to remember that your goal was

to knit a fine life when your ball of yarn is in tangles.

Just like life, know that how your knitting project;

the socks, sweater, cap or whatever your choice may be

turns out is in direct proportion to the amount of effort

you put into it.

In life or in knitting, no one can become creative and

make their unique patterns until they have learned the

basics of how to.

Knitting circle, quilting circle, prayer circle, chose a

circle of friends who know the basics, are willing to share,

friends who want everyone to succeed in making this world

a better place to live.

Great artist learn by studying the masters who have gone

before them.

Great writers must read much and live much before they can

write much.

Great Mothers and Fathers learn from good examples

how best to teach their children the basics of living, and

then inspire them to create a unique life of their own.

If you can’t keep your ball of yarn untangled what lessons

are your children going to learn.

The best teachers do not teach what they have learned,

they teach how they have learned.

Know the basics of your feelings and emotions, just as

the knitter must know the size of the needles to use

and the type of yarn to be used.

The color you chose and the pattern you design are yours

to be selected to complement your life.

Learn to keep your feelings on the positive side of living;

love, happiness, joy, spiritual, and you will be more likely

to prevent the tangles of life from ruining your day.

Be content with your knitting, the knitting of others is

not to be envied or coveted.

Dream big and pray to your Higher Power for guidance.

When you have completed one project, your children

have their sweaters, scarves, caps and mittens; start another

project to teach your knitting skills to the less fortunate.

Just look around, God will always have a new project

waiting for you to help yourself and others.

Life is progress, not perfection, never stop knitting.


ME and the Boss







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