Go With The Flow


” If you






flee  . . . .  flow.”

~ Robert Eliot


It is one of the many paradoxes in life that we cannot keep

or receive something until we give it away.

You can’t  love someone else until you love yourself.

When you face fear you are given courage.

When you accept your vulnerability and surrender to a

Higher Power, you are given a new strength.

Many people look at life as a game filled with only

winners and losers.

Because of that attitude they constantly delude

themselves by thinking the are always winners or they

finally give up and think of themselves as the worst losers.

We call the always winners grandiose,

the always losers become depressed and suicidal.

In reality life is not a game and nobody wins or loses.

Paradoxes are not logical and they only reaffirm that a Power

greater than man is in control of this universe.

Do not argue the non logic of paradoxes, have faith,

and believe those who tell you that God will do for you,

what you cannot do for yourself.

Let go and let God, go with the flow.

Live in today.

Sailing on a calm lake, looking a mile downstream for

the boulder that you want to avoid, and you will miss seeing

the hundred foot high dam that is creating the lake.

Get to the shore, follow the portage trail traveled safely

by those who have gone before you, and avoid today’s problem.

If there is a boulder midstream a mile down the river, you

can circumnavigate that issue when you get there.

If you do not know how to navigate the problem, ask for help.

When you ask for help (prayer), you must also make sure

you take the time to listen for the answer (meditation).

“Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back
and soften and purify the heart.”
Washington Irving

Do not fear to love because you can’t stand the pain of always losing.

If you are losing at love you are playing the wrong game.

A love lost is better than never having loved at all.

True love has no conditions attached.

Love today with the greatest enthusiasm you can muster

from deep within your soul and your Higher Power will reward

you with serenity and you will be happy, joyous and free.

Life is a paradox and to love is to be loved, go with the flow.

A good relationship is built on love and living, do both well.

“The flower of kindness will grow.
Maybe not now, but it will some day.
And in kind that kindness will flow,
For kindness grows in this way.”
Robert Alan

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, flow with today.

Be grateful that you have feelings.

Let those feelings come out of you without reservation.

Feelings are not the poker chips of life, to be gambled,

bartered, hoarded or spent bluffing.

Those games are for the losers.

Have faith in paradoxes, the more feelings you express

the better you will feel.

Go with the flow, feel the moment.

Have faith today, love today, feel today, and believe in yourself today.

Today, be the winner that your Higher Power wants you to be.


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