Being Alone



“Our language has

wisely sensed the

two sides

of being alone.

It has created

the word loneliness

to express the pain of being alone.

And it has created the word solitude

to express the glory of being alone.”

— Paul Tillich


As a drunk I was always alone, in pain.

Nobody loves me, everyone hates me, guess I’ll go get drunk.

Sitting on the bar stool at the end of a very crowed bar

I was the loneliest person in the whole universe,

and that included this world as well as all of the other

worlds that the philosopher at the other end of the bar

was trying to explain to a bunch of drunks who really didn’t care.

Many things have been pointed out to me since I found the rooms

and the fellowship of  Alcoholics Anonymous:

a.) I have choices, my Higher Power will give me the chance.

the choice is mine.

b.) Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

c.) People, places and things can be changed.

d.) Do not prejudge, I need to learn to identify with the feelings

and I must not try to compare myself to others life stories.

e.) Work the steps of the suggested AA program and the fog

of loneliness and uselessness will lift.

f.) And the list goes on.

And even today, if I am in conscious contact with my

Higher Power, the “ah ha” moments will

continue to come as my spiritual growth continues to

be the most important aspect of my sobriety.

Alone, by choice or by chance, is not to be feared today.

Alone is the opportunity to revel in God’s handiwork,

to seek that which makes me the person God wants me to be,

to enjoy the silent song of the Uni-verse, kindness and love.

Today, show the still suffering that they are never alone,

no teaching or preaching, just walk the walk, and let them see

that a loving Light of the Spirit is always with them.

Today, show them how silence and solitude can be the doorway

to learning the answer of how  can I best do the will of God.

Prayer and meditation will be the Master Key.

Today, have faith, believe that your silent prayers are being heard

and they will be answered in God’s time.


ME and the Boss







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