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The true psychotic definitions of the delusional person

usually involve paranoia, jealousy, erotica and grandiosity.

Dementia also causes delusions which are similar to the

psychotic types and includes loss of memory.

Drinking alcohol and doing mind altering drugs brings about

dementia and delusional thinking.

The affected truly believe that their problems are real.

The paranoid believe that someone is out to harm them,

or maybe the FBI or IRS is stalking them.

The jealous type believe that there are those who want

what they have, their job, their spouse, their possessions.

“In the erotomanic form of delusional disorder,
the primary delusional belief is that some important person
is secretly in love with the sufferer.
The erotomanic type is more common in women than men.
Erotomanic delusions may prompt stalking the love object
and even violence against the beloved or those viewed
as potential romantic rivals.”

And of course there is everyone’s favorite delusional person,

the grandiose; my car is better, my house is bigger,

my job is more important, my money is greener and just

about everything they have ever done in their lives is

more spectacular than anything anyone else has ever done.

How does one get their self esteem when they are a sorry,

pathetic, disgusting drunk or addict  ???;

they become delusional.

Fighting two demons, the addiction and the psychosis,

at the same time is a daunting and usually a losing battle.

The psychotic are as resistant to change as is the addict.

The delusional truly believe that everyone else

has the problem, they are OK, you just do not understand.

The delusional, the drunk, the addict will always be the last

to know that there is a problem.

Be kind, be loving, but do not be patient, get professional help.

Therapies for change need to be explained to family and friends

so they may support the affected in their efforts to become whole.

Do not delude yourself.

Your self esteem is OK, God said He does not make any junk.

Be kind, smiling is not a delusional characteristic.

Be loving, delusional is a one way street. (ME, ME, ME, I, I, I)

Be the person your Higher Power wants you to be.

Healthy minds and healthy bodies do not need drugs, alcohol

or chocolate, well maybe just a little chocolate.

Happiness is not being delusional.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

Iris and ME (Michael Erb)


*Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders
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