There is a God today,

and it is not me.

Humility is not bowing down

to another person.

Humility is accepting

the will of your Higher Power.

It takes strength and courage

to be a humble person.


For most of us, being safe is the will of our Higher Power,

we do not associate with people who are not healthy,

we do not go to places were temptation dwells,

and we do not do things that will cause us to regret our actions.

The wrong people, places and things can destroy our humility

when we are seduced by the need for instant gratification,

the weakness of the flesh, the deeds of the selfish, self centered,

arrogant, egotistical,  self will run riot nefarious person.

Survival is about food, clothing and shelter,

not about never having our feelings hurt,

or more importantly to just do the will of a Higher Power

by never intentionally harming the feelings of another.

Humility is understanding that we need other people

and we need to respect others to earn our own respect.

Not everyone can become a hermit, convening with

God and Mother Nature to the exclusion of others.

If we were all hermits where would the next generation come from?

Humility is to understand that your role in God’s universe

is to produce and reproduce that which is better.

Do not destroy God’s handiwork.

Humility is standing up for the principals of decency.

“Self-praise is for losers.
Be a winner.
Stand for something.
Always have class,
and be humble.”
~ John Madden

Humility is being able to make a gratitude list every day.

Humility is understanding that you did most of the work,

but your Higher Power deserves all of the credit.

Humility is understanding that until you give away as much love,

serenity, happiness, joy and peace of mind, as you can,

you will not be able to keep any of it.

“Generosity is giving more than you can,
and pride is taking less than you need.”
~ Kahlil Gibran

What makes the will of a Higher Power work is that you

share with others that which your Higher Power has given you.

The humble miracle is that the more you give, without being ask,

the more you will receive, without having to ask.

Today find love and give love, and believe that your

Higher Power will make both happen if you humbly allow Him.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss







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